Do you have teeth that are crowded, too far apart, need straightening or perhaps have shifted since wearing conventional braces? If so, you may have considered braces in the past but were put off by their unsightly appearance.  At DentalHouse we have an invisible brace solution from invisalign® that can help solve your problem and transform your smile.

What is an Invisible Brace?

The invisalign® system used at our clinic in Peterborough uses the latest 3-D computer technology to create custom-made removable mouth trays (aligners). These are formed from a transparent material so they appear as clear braces, hard to see without looking at them very carefully. The invisible brace moves the teeth gradually applying a controlled amount of force.

For the invisible brace to work, we recommend all our patients wear it for between 22 and 24 hours a day. Each aligner we create is worn for 2 weeks and then replaced with the next one to move the teeth millimetre by millimetre until we achieve the desired result. Treatment times vary depending on your case, but it typically takes between nine to eighteen months for treatment to be completed and will require visits to our Peterborough clinic.

Why Choose an Invisible Brace?

The convenience and ease of use of the invisalign® invisible brace has made it the choice of over half a million people. Other benefits include:

  • A virtually invisible solution – no unsightly metal on your teeth as it is made from a clear brace material
  • A removable solution so that you can remove them to eat and drink.
  • Studies have shown invisible braces are better for your dental health than conventional braces.
  • With no sharp edges or metal, invisible braces are more comfortable to wear.
  • Invisible braces from invisalign® won’t cause allergies.

Invisible Braces/Invisalign costs

  • Professional fitting of invisible braces requires several trips to the dentist to ensure a pain free and perfect finish. Remember that the results last a lifetime AND include teeth whitening at the same time – to deliver your perfect smile!
  • Get in touch to book an appointment for an assessment and consultation to discuss treatment and cost options.

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